[Video] Surgery or medication: What’s Better for Erectile Dysfunction?

Many people want to know, which is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction? Is it surgery, or medication? Watch the video to find out more, as Dr. Katelaris explains the best treatment options.

Video Transcript: Surgery or medication – What’s Better for Erectile Dysfunction?

For men with mild erectile dysfunction, surgery is not necessary. These men generally respond very well to Viagra or Cialis. These tablets have to be taken properly one hour before sex and they do need to be sexually stimulated. They can’t be sitting down watching the cricket and expect them to work.

So, for men with mild erectile dysfunction, the tablets are very, very good. The only men who can take the tablets are men who are taking nitrate compounds for angina, for a heart condition. For all other men, they are a very safe medication.

Now the surgery for erectile dysfunction is the implantation of a penile prosthesis. Prosthetics have been very popular for 40 years around the world, highly successful. And the big advantage of prosthetics is that a couple can make love spontaneously and therefore romantically. And most importantly, the man can approach lovemaking with confidence – no longer fearing failure or frustration.

So in this field of erectile dysfunction, we match the treatment to the patient and the degree of their erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem. It really affects a man’s self-esteem, his self-confidence, and it’s not just the man, it affects his lady as well.

Therefore, if you’re listening to me talk about Erectile Dysfunction, understand that we know it’s a problem, we know it upsets you. Therefore, come in and let’s talk about it and let’s individualise the treatment to your particular situation.

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