Prostate Cancer

Overcoming Peyronie's Disease

Most Effective Treatments To Overcome Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease has been around for centuries. In fact, whilst it was named after a French surgeon named François de la Peyronie in 1743, some descriptions of similar symptoms are recorded as far back as 1687. It’s, therefore, safe to say that this is an issue that has affected many men over the years. And the good news is, doctors have had plenty of time to come up with various Peyronie’s Disease treatments and solutions to tackle the problem.

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Prostate Cancer Stages & Treatments

Prostate Cancer Stages & Medical Treatment

What are the best medical treatments for early stages of prostate cancer?

Low grade prostate cancer

Low-grade prostate cancer is a very common occurence and does not need radical treatment. Men with low grade prostate cancer are placed into an active surveillance program whereby the PSA is monitored on a regular basis and from time to time a multi-parametric MRI scan performed.

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Who is a Suitable Candidate for Robotic Prostatectomy

[Video] Who is a suitable candidate for Robotic Prostatectomy?

Robotic Prostatectomy is an effective procedure in the treatment of Prostate cancer. However there may be cases in which robotic prostatectomy is not the suitable option for certain patients, Dr Katelaris discusses these circumstances and other options that are available in such instances.

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