Prostate Cancer

How would you describe the penile implant to others?

Video: How does it feel to live with a penile implant?

It is not unusual to have questions around penile implant surgery. Our patient education series are videos for patients dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) produced by Katelaris Urology and feature Dr Katelaris as well as patients who have experience prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

This video features David Sandoe OAM and Pam Sandoe OAM, who survived prostate cancer surgery and decided to have a penile prosthesis to restore their Quality of Life as a couple.  David is a former National Chairman of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Pam Sandoe OAM is a former PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group Co-Leader at Sydney Adventist Hospital, this is their ED story.

Life with a penile implant

David and Pam talk about what a penile implant feels like, what it looks like on the outside and the differences between having a penile implant compared to sex before experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

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Overcoming Peyronie's Disease

Most Effective Treatments To Overcome Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease has been around for centuries. In fact, whilst it was named after a French surgeon named François de la Peyronie in 1743, some descriptions of similar symptoms are recorded as far back as 1687. It’s, therefore, safe to say that this is an issue that has affected many men over the years. And the good news is, doctors have had plenty of time to come up with various Peyronie’s Disease treatments and solutions to tackle the problem.

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Causes and Treatment of Bladder Cancer

What is Bladder Cancer? It’s Causes, Treatment & Diagnosis

An Informative Guide To Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer

Facing a bladder cancer diagnosis is tough. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is likely to leave you dealing with a complex state of emotions. But you definitely would not be alone.

In 2015, 2747 new cases of bladder cancer were diagnosed in Australia. Bladder cancer is common in people over 60, and is significantly more common in men than in women.

At Katelaris Urology, (we deal with a number of different treatment methods for bladder cancer.) Whilst we can’t wave a magic wand and make it disappear, we can help you through this difficult experience by giving you the right information to understand your situation and get you through to the next steps.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

The most common symptom of Bladder cancer is blood in the urine, which occurs suddenly and is not generally painful. Other symptoms may be;

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Prostate Cancer Stages & Treatments

Prostate Cancer Stages & Medical Treatment

What are the best medical treatments for early stages of prostate cancer?

Low grade prostate cancer

Low-grade prostate cancer is a very common occurence and does not need radical treatment. Men with low grade prostate cancer are placed into an active surveillance program whereby the PSA is monitored on a regular basis and from time to time a multi-parametric MRI scan performed.

High-grade localised prostate cancer

Depending on patient factors, men with high-grade localised prostate cancer will be treated with either radical prostatectomy surgery/prostate cancer surgery or radiation therapy. When the prostate cancer is diagnosed at an early stage and when it is confined to the prostate, there is a significant chance of cure.

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Who is a Suitable Candidate for Robotic Prostatectomy

[Video] Who is a suitable candidate for Robotic Prostatectomy?

Robotic Prostatectomy is an effective procedure in the treatment of Prostate cancer. However there may be cases in which robotic prostatectomy is not the suitable option for certain patients, Dr Katelaris discusses these circumstances and other options that are available in such instances.

In this short video, Dr Phillip Katelaris explains which candidates are suitable for Robotic Prostatectomy and the other options that are available.

Doctor Katelaris performs robotic prostatectomy and other prostate cancer treatments in the Urology Outpatient Clinic in Hornsby, if you would like to make an enquiry about getting a prostatectomy contact Katelaris Urology today.

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Not all men are suited to keyhole robotic surgery. Some men, for example, who have had major intra-abdominal surgery, for example, colon surgery, have a lot of abdominal adhesions. And it may not be safe to do this surgery with keyhole or robotic surgery.

In those men, I offer open radical prostatectomy, which is a highly effective operation that can also preserve bladder and sexual function.

With experience, the surgeon knows who is best suited to which surgical approach. I’ve been doing radical prostatectomies of one form or another for over 30 years. That gives me good judgment and the confidence to properly advise patients as individuals.

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