New UroLift urethral prosthesis


UroLift is a new, minimally invasive treatment for prostate enlargement. For suitable patients it offers symptom relief with faster recovery and preservation of fertility.

The UroLift Device

UroLift is a urethral prosthesis designed to maintain patency of the urethra when the prostate is enlarged without the need to cut, heat or remove the prostate tissue.

What it looks like.


The glandular tissue of each lateral lobe of the prostate is compressed then tethered to the firm fibromuscular prostatic capsule using the prosthesis.

How it works.

The procedure is performed as a day surgery under general anaesthetic.

The Benefits

Day only admission.
The procedure takes around 30 minutes, reducing anaesthetic time
Minimally invasive for faster recovery.
Avoid the side effects of medication with more effective relief of symptoms.
Avoid more invasive, definitive surgery with similar relief of symptoms.
UroLift does not preclude future definitive surgery.
There have been no reported cases of retrograde ejaculation.

For younger men Urolift provides a simple, non-invasive method to manage BPH with a reasonable chance of maintaining antegrade ejaculation and preserving fertility.

Urolift is not suitable for patients with very large prostates or where the median lobe is causing obstruction. For these patients, TURP or BNI surgery is more appropriate.

Information about these procedures can be found here.