Natural ED Remedies: How Vitamins Can Help Treating Erectile Dysfunction

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and have been wondering what you can do to help relieve the condition, there are some natural steps you can take to improve performance, along with consulting with a specialist. 

These are by no means a match for treatment and consultation with a specialist, but they may offer some assistance. 

There are some erection booster supplements and vitamins that help with blood flow to that vital region, so let’s take a look at the role vitamins, supplements and healthy living play in the treatment of ED. 

Note: It is highly recommended that you discuss your intention to take vitamins with your GP or specialist. Certain vitamins when taken with medications may cause unwanted side-effects. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

Although the mind can certainly play a role in having problems with ED, more often than not, the cause is a physiological one. Generally, something about your lifestyle or physical health will be causing the issue. 

The circulation of blood through the body and blood pressure are the most common reasons men can suffer from ED. After all, it’s the gorging of blood in this particular erogenous zone that leads to having and maintaining an erection. Any issues with blood flow or blood pressure will naturally have a detrimental effect. 

Lifestyle choices, such as excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, not eating balanced and healthy meals, a lack of sleep and a number of other factors can all play a role in ED. 

What Is the Best Vitamin For Erectile Dysfunction? 

We’ve all heard the expression that we are what we eat. Living a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious meals and getting regular exercise, will certainly have a positive impact on the battle against ED. 

Certain vitamins may be beneficial when you are looking at achieving a full erection. Let’s look at how vitamins may play a role and what vitamins might help in combating ED. 

Choose a diet and supplements rich in vitamin C and vitamin E for blood circulation. As mentioned, blood circulation has an enormous impact on the ability to have and maintain an erection. A good cross-section of the vitamin range is essential for overall good health and could be beneficial for fighting against ED problems as well. 

Combine a healthy diet high in vitamins C and E with regular exercise, and your body’s blood circulation will be in top condition. 

And how about vitamin B12? Does B12 help erectile dysfunction in any significant way? 

It’s been reported that a deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause impotence in men. So, a diet lacking in this essential vitamin may be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction. You could try taking B12 vitamins, asking your doctor for a B12 injection, or focus on foods abundant with this vitamin, such as meat and dairy products. Things like fish, milk, cheese and eggs are rich sources of vitamin B12, so add a balanced portion of these food groups to your diet for best results. 

What Are the Best Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction?

If you go online and search for supplements for erectile dysfunction, thousands of products will come up. Not all of them are going to be helpful. Instead of focusing on particular brands or products names, you’ll want to focus more on ingredients that have been effective in research and studies of ED. 

For example, there has been a study that showed Ginseng improved a man’s sexual performance. DHEA is said to improve a woman’s libido as well as helping men suffering from ED. Ginko is a herb that’s purported to increase blood flow to the penis, while L-arginine can enhance sustained erections by stimulating the blood vessels to open wider, which in turn increases blood flow. Of course, it is best to discuss this with a medical professional.  

Talk To an Expert 

It’s always a positive step to undertake natural measures to combat a problem, but if you’re really struggling with ED, make an appointment with a urologist. At Katelaris Urology, we specialise in resolving ED issues, so contact us via the website or call us on  
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