Turning 9 Erectile Dysfunction Myths into Facts

As anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) will tell you, it’s no laughing matter. 

Despite the act it affects millions of men the world over, there is still a stigma attached to ED that makes it difficult for many to talk about, mostly through feeling embarrassment. Thanks to being hidden away from open discussion for centuries, many myths about erectile dysfunction have circled over the years – most unfound. 

Today, we’re looking to debunk erectile dysfunction myths and replace them with facts.

What is ED? 

Put simply, erectile dysfunction or ED is when a man has problems with his erections. The main issues for most men are either getting an erection, getting an erection firm enough to allow for sexual relations, or sustaining an erection for long enough to make sexual relations possible. 

As most people will understand, this condition is embarrassing for those suffering from it. Nobody likes to admit to having problems in the bedroom, yet the first step to dealing with ED effectively is to realise there is an issue and then work out the most suitable way to resolve it. 

Erectile dysfunction myths vs erectile dysfunction facts 

There are many myths about ED, some stemming back centuries! Just like any myths, they can be extremely unhelpful when not 100% accurate, serving no purpose to anyone suffering from ED and wanting to overcome the problem. 

Here are some of the more common ED misconceptions and some interesting facts about erectile dysfunction you may not know. 

Myth 1: Only old men have ED 

Fact: While it is true that ED becomes more common as men age, it’s not true that young men don’t suffer from erection problems as well. In this way, ED is not simply ‘normal’ for older men and is something they just have to deal with. Sexual function can become more challenging with age, but many men have active and healthy sex lives well into their old age. 

Myth 2: ED is no big deal 

Fact: ED is no laughing matter and definitely not something to easily cast aside.  First, it causes havoc to people’s sex life which can have a devastating impact on well-being. In addition, there may be an underlying cause to ED – a serious health issue like diabetes, heart problems or Parkinson’s disease – and erection problems could be a symptom.  

The main thing to remember is, don’t sweep it under the carpet as something you learn to live with. If you suffer from ED, you must get it checked out. 

Myth 3: ED is too big a deal to fix 

Fact: If you’re having erection problems, you may well be thinking an enjoyable sex life is off the cards permanently. But sex is more than just intercourse, and just like thousands upon thousands of other health niggles and issues, ED can be resolved. So, don’t put it off – have your erectile dysfunction dealt with properly by an expert. 

Myth 4: The only fix for ED is Viagra 

Fact: Actually, there are several common oral medications that help with erectile dysfunction and getting blood flow to the penis. Unfortunately, these medications often have side effects including headaches, vision problems, muscle pain and more. The alternatives to oral medication include injections, vacuum pumps, blood vessel surgery and even penile implants

Myth 5: There’s nothing else you can do about ED 

Fact: If you suffer from ED and have no underlying health problems, that doesn’t mean you have to learn to live with it. Medical studies have shown that leading a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to resolving ED. Try quitting smoking, reducing drinking, losing weight, exercising and eating better to help improve your erectile performance. 

Myth 6: ED is all in your head 

Fact: It’s true that sexual arousal for men is a complex interplay between the brain, mind, emotions, nerves, muscles, blood vessels and hormones – so any broken link in the chain can be a problem. It’s also true that mental health issues and stress can play a big role, but the most common causes are actually physical ones. 

Myth 7: ED only impacts men 

Fact: Again, it’s true that only the male partner can have a problem with his erection. Yet that doesn’t necessarily prevent the problem impacting others around him, too. ED can affect the psychological, emotional and sexual health of a man’s partner, and if left untreated, break down the partnership permanently. 

Myth 8: It’s all the partner’s fault 

Fact: This myth must be busted: the cause of ED has nothing to do with his partner. ED usually has very little to do with physical attraction and is almost certainly due to an underlying physical problem, anxiety or something else that can be effectively treated. 

Myth 9: I don’t have to worry about ED 

Fact: If you have never suffered from erectile dysfunction, you might be surprised at how common it actually is. About one in seven men suffer from it, and it knows no boundaries regarding age, background and profession. So, don’t assume it will never impact you! Always pay attention to your health and regard ED as a serious issue which may affect you one day, just as it does millions of other men like you. 

Coping with ED 

The facts have shown that there are many methods for dealing with ED nowadays, from medications to medical procedures. Begin by having a conversation with your GP or a urology specialist, who will provide you with practical advice and guidance based on your symptoms and help you resolve your ED successfully. 

Do you suffer from ED? Don’t allow it to continue impacting your life and relationships. 

When it comes to Erectile Dysfunction, always seek the professional advice of a qualified urologist. If you have questions about ED or would like a second opinion, contact the team at Katelaris Urology and book an appointment.