Kidney Stones: How to Pass a Kidney Stone by Having Sex

Kidney stones impact the lives of countless people across Australia. Traditional approaches to facilitating the passage of these often-painful stones involves increased fluid intake, pain management, and sometimes, medical procedures.  

Search the internet, and you’ll come across various theories about how to pass a kidney stone in 24 hours. However, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine introduced a novel concept, suggesting that engaging in sexual intercourse might assist in the spontaneous passage of distal ureteral stones.  

This theory, while intriguing and potentially offering a pleasurable alternative to conventional methods, is based on the physiological responses during sexual activity, such as muscle relaxation and the forces exerted during ejaculation, which might aid in propelling the stones through the urinary tract. 

This article looks in detail at how to pass a kidney stone by having sex. 

How to Pass Kidney Stones Fast

Kidney stones are highly common – and they can be extremely uncomfortable too. It’s no surprise patients suffering with this painful and somewhat debilitating health issue will do anything to find a fast cure.  

Engaging in sexual activity while having kidney stones has long been a topic of interest in the medical community, with several studies delving into its potential benefits. Research from The Journal of Sexual Medicine and International Urology and Nephrology has shed light on the possible advantages of regular sexual activity in aiding the passage of kidney stones. Specifically, these studies have emphasised the potential of sexual activity in facilitating the expulsion of distal ureteral stones.  

Here’s a breakdown of the findings: 

  • Frequency of Sexual Activity: Engaging in sexual activity 3-4 times a week was found to be beneficial. 
  • Spontaneous Passage: Increased sexual activity might enhance the spontaneous passage of kidney stones. 
  • Reduced Need for Medication: Participants who were sexually active reported a decreased reliance on painkillers. 
  • Alternative to Invasive Procedures: Regular sexual activity could potentially reduce the need for more invasive medical interventions. 

In essence, while the presence of kidney stones might pose discomfort, regular sexual activity could offer a natural, pleasurable and relatively quick method to expedite their passage.  

Sex and Kidney Stones – How Does it Work?

The intersection of sex and kidney stone management has garnered attention due to the potential role that sexual acts, especially ejaculation, might play in facilitating the passage of the stones through the urinary tract. The underlying theory hinges on the physiological responses elicited during sexual activity.  

During sexual arousal and particularly ejaculation, various muscles in the pelvic region, including those in the urinary tract, undergo a series of contractions and relaxations. This dynamic muscular activity, coupled with the forceful expulsion of ejaculate, is hypothesised to create a propulsive action that may assist in moving kidney stones along the urinary tract, potentially speeding up their expulsion. 
While the concept has been substantiated to an extent by studies, it’s imperative to note that this method is not a one-size-fits-all solution and does not guarantee the passage of stones. The size, type, and location of the kidney stone, along with an individual’s pain threshold and overall health, are critical factors that can influence the efficacy of this approach. Furthermore, engaging in sexual activity while experiencing kidney stone pain might not be feasible or comfortable for all individuals.  

Does Sex Help with Kidney Stones?

Lots of urology patients are quick to ask can kidney stones be passed sexually.  

The aforementioned studies certainly indicate a potential correlation between frequent sexual activity and an increased rate of spontaneous stone passage. The participants who engaged in regular sexual activity reported a higher rate of stone passage and a reduced need for pain relief and surgical interventions.  

However, it’s crucial to note that while these findings are promising, further research and clinical trials are necessary to establish sex as a reliable and widespread method for passing kidney stones.  

Having Sex with Kidney Stones

While the prospect of utilising sexual activity as a method to pass kidney stones shows promise, it’s essential to approach this method with a degree of skepticism and always prioritise the comfort and wellbeing of each patient. Engaging in sexual activity while experiencing the pain of kidney stones may not be feasible or comfortable for all individuals. Always consult with a healthcare professional, such as a urologist, to explore all available treatment options and ensure that any chosen method is safe and suitable for your specific circumstances. 
In the realm of urology, particularly at Katelaris Urology, exploring innovative and patient-friendly methods for managing and treating conditions like kidney stones is paramount. The exploration of sexual activity as a potential aid in passing kidney stones introduces a novel, albeit preliminary, approach to managing this common urological issue. 

Final Words About Sex and Kidney Stones 

For anybody wondering can you have sex with kidney stones, yes you can. Does sex help with kidney stones? In some circumstances, yes – although it is not a blanket solution you can assume will be successful for everyone who tries it. 

The innovative exploration into the relationship between sexual activity and the management of kidney stones has opened up a fascinating dialogue within the urological community and beyond. The studies, particularly those published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and International Urology and Nephrology, have provided preliminary insights into the potential benefits of regular sexual activity in facilitating the passage of kidney stones, offering a unique, pleasurable and successful alternative to more conventional methods.  

However, it is paramount to approach this method with a balanced perspective, and rather as a potential option that may be explored under the guidance and approval of a healthcare professional.  

The journey through understanding and managing kidney stones continues to evolve, with the incorporation of innovative approaches and continuous research, ensuring that patient-centric, safe, and effective strategies are at the forefront of urological care and management. 

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