[Video] What is Erectile Dysfunction?

An estimated 50 percent of men aged 40 to 70 experience some form of Erectile Dysfunction at one time or another.

In this video Dr Katelaris explains what exactly Erectile Dysfunction is, its physical and psychological causes and the number of treatments that are available to treat a condition like ED.

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A man with erectile dysfunction has lost confidence in his ability to penetrate his partner and to maintain that ability until orgasm.

Some men have a psychological cause for their erectile dysfunction. The loss of a wife, the lack of sexual confidence, depression, anxiety.

But the majority of men we see, especially in the 45-plus age group, have organic erectile dysfunction. They’ve been smoking, they’ve been diabetic, they’ve had cancer surgery.

These men have a physical problem and they need definitive help. Now, a lot of men respond to Viagra or Cialis, very effective tablets, but not all do.

These men we counsel with respect to the use of penile injection therapy or the highly-effective penile prosthetic surgery. Penile prosthetic surgery is the gold standard means of restoring confident sexual ability.

Men can have sex when they want and for as long as they want and, of course, from the ladies’ point of view, there’s no frustration, there’s no failure. So it meets with a very high level of patient and partner satisfaction.

In short, it fixes the problem and lets the couple get on with their life together.