Video: What was it like to live with Erectile Dysfunction?

Our patient education series are videos for patients dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) produced by Katelaris Urology and feature Dr Katelaris as well as patients who have experience prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

In this video, Davide Sandoe shares the silver lining of surviving prostate cancer, coming to grips with early incontinence, seeking options and eventually getting a penile implant.

This video features David Sandoe OAM and Pam Sandoe OAM, who survived prostate cancer surgery and decided to have a penile prosthesis to restore their Quality of Life as a couple.  David is a former National Chairman of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Pam Sandoe OAM is a former PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group Co-Leader at Sydney Adventist Hospital, this is their ED story.

What was it like to live with Erectile Dysfunction?


David: So, when you think about it, prostate cancer you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, but I think you and I can honestly say that our whole life has been enriched by it, to be honest, because we’ve handled the diagnosis of prostate cancer. We’ve come to grips with the early incontinence, and we’ve got over that.

Pam: Yes.

David: We’ve searched out solutions for the erectile dysfunction.

Pam: Yeah.

David: We’ve got really specialist advice.

Pam: Definitely.

David: We have had the, or I’ve had the penile implant, and that was done by a surgeon who is very specialist, and does a lot of those procedures. And, here we are now, years down the track, and we’re going well, and we’ve got a normal life. So, it’s really important for us to get a message across to other people, and we’ve had a pretty easy ride, because we’ve had access to great medical information, and specialists.

But it’s important to seek out medical specialists that understand this issue, and can give you very good counsel, and it is very, very important to go to a person who does a lot of these procedures, because that makes life so much easier. You’ve got so much more confidence, and everything works.

Pam: Yeah. I agree, you’ve just got to be very comfortable with the person that you’re dealing with, because he’s there for you, and he can offer the service that he has spent years getting his specialty in. So it’s just a matter of finding the right man for you, or woman.

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