Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation


At the prostate cancer rehabilitation centre our team has been working together for many years to provide quality rehabilitation for men after treatment to ensure a return to the best possible quality of life after prostate cancer.

Understanding of prostate cancer and its treatment in the medical community has advanced significantly over the past few decades leading to a reduction in mortality of over 25% since 1987. Improving disease-free survival has also increased the understanding of the side effects of treatment and the importance of improving quality of life as well as cure. Modern treatments aim to preserve urinary control and erectile function as well as curing the disease.

Side effects of treatment include urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, both of which are very treatable.

Unfortunately despite increasing treatment sophistication and improvement in outcomes, there is still significant morbidity associated with prostate cancer management. The Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment, taking a multidisciplinary approach to treat the side effects of cancer treatment and provide emotional and psychological support during recovery.

Our Team

pcrc - dr k headshot

Dr Katelaris

Dr Katelaris is one of the most experienced urological prosthetic surgeons in Australia.

He is expert at surgery relating to the male sling, the artificial urinary sphincter and the penile prosthesis. These are potentially complex operations that should be conducted by a surgeon with particular training and expertise in this field.

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Libby King

Mrs Libby King is an experienced registered nurse working in the field of male health. She consults with men before and after radical prostatectomy surgery and trains them in the technique of correct pelvic floor training.

Mrs King provides valuable support for men during their experience with prostate canc

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David Cain

Mr Cain supervises the penile injection program which is critical to sexual rehabilitation after radical prostatectomy surgery. Mr Cain meets with the couple, carefully explains the technique and answers any questions that arise.

As a practising psychologist Mr Cain is well equipped to offer professional support and counselling for men and their partners during this difficult period of their lives.