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  • Healthy & Wellbeing host Ed Phillips recently interviewed Dr Phillip Katelaris to discuss urinary incontinence, overactive bladder dysfunction (OAB) and it’s commonality amongst women and children. … Read More

  • Dr Phillip Katelaris is an award-winning and internationally respected urological surgeon. Here is a list of the 10 most common questions we are asked about him, along with the answers. … Read More

  • It’s estimated 4 million Australians are living with Urinary Incontinence. It’s a problem affecting both men and women and an issue most men are too embarrassed to talk about.

    On May 4, 2GB’s Steve Price interviewed Dr Katelaris to talk about the issue of men suffering in secret, the prevalence of incontinence in both men and women, causes and  effective treatment options.

    Listen below for more.

  • Our patient education series are videos for patients dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) produced by Katelaris Urology and feature Dr Katelaris as well as patients who have experience prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

    This video features David Sandoe OAM and Pam Sandoe OAM, who survived prostate cancer surgery and decided to have a penile prosthesis to restore their Quality of Life as a couple.  David is a former National Chairman of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Pam Sandoe OAM is a former PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group Co-Leader at Sydney Adventist Hospital, this is their ED story.

    David and Pam talk about what a penile implant feels like, what it looks like on the outside and the differences between having a penile implant compared to sex before experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

    How does it feel to live with a penile implant?

    Want a confidential and open discussion about erectile dysfunction, penile implants and whether they are right for you? Contact Katelaris Urology for a second opinion today.

  • Just a few months ago, Ben Stiller shocked his fans, movie lovers and the wider world by revealing that, at the tender age of 48, he had a scary brush with prostate cancer.

    The Hollywood funnyman is not alone. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the number 1 cancer among men, affecting over 160,000 people in Stiller’s native USA. And in Australia, there were about 18,000 diagnoses of prostate cancer in 2016, including almost 3,400 deaths. … Read More

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