[Video] Why Do I Pee So Much as a Man?

In this video, Dr Katelaris explains the various reasons why a man may experience the urge to urinate frequently. He discusses some of the treatment options available depending on the severity of the situation.

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Men might need to pass urine frequently for a number of reasons. For younger men, it’s often habitual. They drink a lot of coffee, coffee’s a bladder stimulant and they get into the habit of passing urine frequently.

With a bit of insight, they can be trained out of that and the training is called bladder training and that involves drinking two litres of water a day, hanging on for progressively longer periods of time, such that over three months, they can pass 500 mills of urine every four to five hours.

Other men pass urine frequently because they have OAB, overactive bladder disorder. We used to call it bladder instability. They’re born with a hair-trigger bladder.

For these men, bladder training is recommended and also, the use of medication. A very good medication is a drug known as Betmiga, which lowers the bladder pressure and gives good bladder control.

Rarely in younger men Botox injection therapy may be necessary to help restore good bladder control. In older men, urinary frequency is frequently associated with prostatic obstruction.

Over the age of 50, the prostate gland expands. That can block the flow of urine. That can cause high bladder pressures and therefore, urinary frequency urgency, urge incontinent and getting up at night.

It is very important to treat the underlying cause in these men and that is generally medication or surgery to unblock the blocked prostate gland. Now, some men, after prostate surgery, still have overactive bladder disorder and those men are very suitable for medication or even bladder Botox injection therapy.

Therefore, for men with urinary frequency, urgency, urge incontinence, there are a range of highly effective treatments to restore normal bladder function.