[Video] Does Vasectomy Hurt?

Does a vasectomy procedure hurt?

It’s a common concern. Here Doctor Katelaris explains that a vasectomy is a minimally invasive procedure with low pain involved. Watch his latest video to find out more.

Video transcript: Does vasectomy hurt?

Men always want to know, “Is vasectomy painful?”

I always say to them, “If you ever hit your thumb with a hammer, it’s not as bad as that.” The fact is, it does not hurt. I do many vasectomies under local anaesthetic. We’re very gentle with the tissue. The needles we use are very, very fine, and the local anaesthetic is rapidly effective. And we always wait for it to work before we start. And men are always anxious that the doctor’s impatient and he won’t wait. Of course, we wait. And we always do a pinprick test first to ensure that the anaesthetic work. Once it’s worked, the operation’s over in six or seven minutes. We’re normally chatting about the football or the cricket, and before they know it, the job’s done. So, don’t be afraid to have a vasectomy because you’re worried about pain. It is not a painful procedure.

To men out there, who are fearful of vasectomy, don’t be. It’s a five to six minute operation. It’s minimally uncomfortable and it’s really not going to bother you. Many men put it off and they struggle with condoms year after year because they’re too scared to have a vasectomy.

This is a procedure where you can drive to the office, have it done, drive home, and you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about. So if you want to get it done, come in and see us at Katelaris Urology. We do them every Wednesday. And we’d be happy to look after you.

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