[Video] Treatment Options for Minor Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition marked by penile curvature, indentation and loss of penile length upon erection.

In this video, Dr Katelaris describes a minor form of Peyronie’s Disease and the treatment options available.

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Mild Peyronie’s disease is very common.

It’s characterised by a palpable lump in the penis, but no disturbance to erectile function. These men just need reassurance.

They need to be told that the lump is not cancer, that they needn’t worry about it, and most importantly, that they mustn’t avoid sexual intercourse.

Some men with a lump in their penis think they’re going to damage themselves. In fact, it’s very important that they keep having sex, keep stretching that scar tissue, because that prevents loss of length in the penis.

As that lump matures, the scar tissue contracts, and that can cause a loss of length.

Therefore to prevent that loss of length, regular sexual activity is advised.