[Video] Is Sex The Same After A Vasectomy?

A vasectomy doesn’t change or impair a man’s sexual performance or pleasure in any way. 

One of the most common questions Dr. Katelaris is asked is if a vasectomy will alter a man’s sexual performance, experience or pleasure.

In this video Dr Katelaris answers one of the most commonly questions asked about getting a vasectomy. The Doctor explains how a vasectomy does not impair a man’s sexual encounters, including libido, erection and orgasm, all unchanged. In many ways a vasectomy can improve a couples sex life, as there is no longer the concern of using protection or the risk of unwanted pregnancies. 

Doctor Katelaris performs vasectomies in the Urology Outpatient Clinic in Hornsby, if you would like to make an enquiry about getting a vasectomy contact Katelaris Urology today.

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