[Video] What Are Botox Bladder Injection Treatments Like for Men/Parkinson’s Patients?

Dr Katelaris explains the Botox Bladder Injection process as a treatment method for Men or Parkinson’s Disease Patients who experience Urinary Incontinence or Overactive Bladder Disorder.

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Men who require bladder Botox therapy need to go into hospital for a day and have a light general anaesthetic.

Because of the male anatomy, it is too uncomfortable for the male to have a procedure in an outpatient clinic setting. These men are therefore admitted for half a day, and their bladder injected with 100 units.

For men with Parkinson’s disease, for example, or what we call neurological urgency, or neurological urinary incontinence, they may need two or three hundred units of Botox.

Nevertheless, it is a highly effective means of improving bladder control in these men.