[Video] Why does Peyronie’s disease occur?

Why does Peyronie’s Disease occur – what causes it? Watch Dr. Katelaris’ latest video to find out more.

Video Transcript: Why does Peyronie’s Disease occur?

Men always want to know the cause of Peyronie’s disease. And the frank answer is we don’t know. Men who’ve suffered erectile trauma who, for example, have had their erection hyperextended, they certainly may develop traumatic Peyronie’s disease, but they’re the minority group. Most men with Peyronie’s disease have it for causes unknown. It’s nothing they’ve done or haven’t done. It’s a bit of a medical mystery. And 10% of men have a contracture of the hand or toe, what’s called Dupuytren’s contracture. And we really don’t understand how the two are connected. Certainly it’s an inflammatory connective tissue disorder, but what precipitates it is unclear at this point in time.

Now for men listening to me talk about Peyronie’s disease, I want to emphasise it’s nothing you’ve done or haven’t done. It just happens. It’s not your fault. It does get inside a man’s, head having a bent erection. Therefore come forward. Come and see me. Let’s talk about it. And we are able to fix or significantly improve it for the majority of men. Come in, let’s talk about it. You can book an appointment to see me on katelarisurology.com or you can give my office a call on 9477 7904.

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