[Video] Why Do I Pee So Much as a Woman?

In this video, Dr Katelaris explains the various reasons why a woman may experience the urge to urinate frequently. He discusses some of the treatment options available.

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Women frequently suffer with urinary urgency, urge incontinence, or just urinary frequency, the needing to constantly go to the bathroom and pass urine.

Now, some women have habitual urinary frequency, they have simply gotten into the habit of going often, therefore their bladder capacity shrinks, that they always feel full, and that feeling of fullness drives their visit to the toilet.

Sometimes their bladder training is responsible. Their mothers or their grandmothers tell them, go just in case, go just in case, and that becomes a habit, often exacerbated by too much coffee drinking or even stress and anxiety. And of course, pregnancy causes frequency as well.

Now, it’s very important to give these women an insight into what the problem is, and encourage them to reverse this process by embarking upon a bladder training program that involves drinking two litres of water per day and progressively deferring urination for a longer and longer periods of time.

The ideal is for an adult to not void for four to five hours and pass four to 500 mils each time. It is very useful to ask women to pee into a bottle, in the privacy of their own bathroom at home, and actually record the volume.

And it’s quite remarkable to see their bladder capacities quite rapidly increase over a four to six to eight week period, once they have some insight into the course of the problem.

Therefore, bladder training is highly effective for many women with urinary frequency.

Now, rarely some ladies suffer with an underlying neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis, that can cause urinary frequency. This is not common, and the majority of women with frequency and urgency, do not have a serious condition.

But when they see the urologist for appropriate evaluation, these conditions need to be checked for, and sometimes we do a computerised study known as a urodynamic study, and that gives us very good insight as to the best means of investigation and treatment.