[Video] Who is at risk of getting Peyronie’s disease?

Naturally, many men are anxious about the risk factors for Peyronie’s Disease and want to know what causes it.

In this video, Dr. Katelaris discusses who is at risk of contracting Peyronie’s Disease.

Dr Katelaris explains:

Any man can contract Peyronie’s disease. There’s no known cause, and it just happens. It can happen in young or old men. It doesn’t discriminate.

It can happen in men who are frequently sexually active or in men who are not very sexually active. There are no particular risk factors for Peyronie’s disease, other than being a man and having a penis. Now for men listening to me talk about Peyronie’s disease, I want to emphasize its nothing you’ve done or haven’t done. It just happens. It’s not your fault. It does get inside a man’s head having a bent erection. Therefore, come forward, come and see me.

We are able to fix or significantly improve it for the majority of men.

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