[Video] What is Peyronie’s Disease & How To Know If You Have It?

In this video, Dr Katelaris explain what Peyronie’s Disease is and how to know if you have it.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition marked by penile curvature, indentation and loss of penile length upon erection.


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Peyronie’s disease is an unusual disease of the penis. It causes scarring in the penis and that can result in a palpable lump.

Now a lot of men, when they feel a lump in their penis, think they’ve got cancer and they panic. And that’s easy to understand.

The Peyronie’s disease in some men doesn’t cause any harm at all. It’s just a palpable lump, the erection is normal, and they can have normal sexual intercourse.

In some men however, it causes a bend in the erection and that bend can stop comfortable vaginal penetration.

For those men, we can do a reconstructive operation, we can straighten the penis and get them having normal sex again.

So Peyronie’s disease can be very mild or it can be quite severe. But regardless of what form of Peyronie’s disease you may have, we can generally fix it.

It is very important that men have the confidence to come to their doctor and talk about it, and not to just stew over it and become more and more anxious.