[Video] What is a Vasectomy?

In this video Dr Katelaris explains what a vasectomy is, how the procedure is done and how quickly recovery occurs.

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Vasectomy is a means of permanent male sterilisation. In fact, of all the contraceptive means for men and women, vasectomy is the most reliable and rapidly becoming the most popular for couples wanting permanent contraception.

The sperm are produced in the testes and they’re transported through two tubes known as the vas deferens. Dividing the vas deferens, one on each side, stops the flow of sperm and therefore prevents a male impregnating his female partner.

The vasectomy operation is performed under local anaesthetic in my clinic as a walk-in-walk-out procedure. Men can drive to the clinic from work, they can work most of the day have the operation, drive home and go back to work the next day.

When we have them in the clinic, they’re lying on the table, chatting to the nurse, local anaesthetic injection, and the operation takes about 10 minutes. It is not painful and not distressing.

After the vasectomy operation, sperm remain in the prostate for three months. It is therefore very important that men and their partners understand that they are not infertile for three months, they should have at least 20 ejaculations to clear the leftover sperm, then a sperm count at three months, and then if that sperm count is clear, they can then stop contraceptive precautions.

Now it’s very important that men understand that vasectomy makes them infertile only, it does not in any way interfere with the libido, with their sexual pleasure, they still orgasm, they still ejaculate. And similarly for the female partner, there is no loss of sexual pleasure.

Therefore vasectomy is a highly recommended contraceptive, means, providing the couple are quite certain they want no more children.

If either party has a doubt about whether permanent contraception is necessary or desirable, they should defer the decision to have a vasectomy until they reach an agreement.