[Video] What are the Non-Operative Options for Peyronie’s Disease?

In this video Dr Katerlaris talks about the different forms of Peyronie’s disease. He discusses the non-operative treatment options available for the disease and other treatment methods to avoid.

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Men with mild Peyronie’s disease do not need surgery, and they do not need treatment. If they have a lump in the penis, but good erections with a minimal deformity, no treatment is required.

Now it’s very important to stress this, because the internet is full of recommendations for, shall we say, less than ideal treatments.

Quite often these online treatments are expensive, they tend to heighten a man’s anxiety, and they should be avoided.

Men with mild Peyronie’s disease simply need reassurance, and the majority of them can function normally in the long term.

Recently there was a product called XIAFLEX, or collagenase enzyme injection, that was introduced into Australia. It has since been withdrawn.

It was minimally effective, very expensive, and was associated with a number of side effects. It is not a product that I recommend.