[Video] Is Peyronie’s disease permanent?

Watch Dr. Katelaris discuss this pressing question on Peyronie’s disease.

Video Transcript

Peyronie’s disease is permanent, though the effects may not be permanent.

Now it generally comes on with an inflammatory formation of scar tissue within the capture of the erectile body of the penis. When it comes on, it causes pain with erection and that pain generally settles stay on over six to 12 months. The inflammatory scar tissue can coalesce into a hard nodule that doesn’t affect erectile activity. The erection may remain straight and solid.

Sometimes Peyronie’s disease causes a bend in the erection and that bend in some men, 15% of men, can actually reverse.

So when men ask me is Peyronie’s disease permanent? The answer is ‘yes’. They generally will always have a palpable scar, but the ill effects such as the pain or the effect on erectile function may not be permanent.

Now for men listening to me talk about Peyronie’s disease, I want to emphasise it’s nothing you’ve done or haven’t done. It just happens. It’s not your fault. It does get inside a man’s head having a bent erection.

Therefore, come forward, come and see me, let’s talk about it and we are able to fix or significantly improve it for the majority of men.

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