[Video] Is a Vasectomy Reversible?

In this video, Dr Katelaris explains whether a vasectomy procedure is reversible and how long it may take for the effects of the reversal to return.

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Vasectomy is a reversible procedure, especially when it is done by a skilled vasectomist, the vasal tissue can be preserved, such that reversal is necessary.

To reverse a vasectomy the patient goes to hospital, has a general anaesthetic and it can be done as a day case or an overnight stay.

I make a little incision on each side of the scrotum, identify where the vasectomy procedure was done, remove the scar tissue and under a very powerful operating microscope,

I do a micro-surgical reversal of the vasectomy. We use very very fine suture which is about the diameter of the hair on your head. It’s a very delicate operation.

After the operation the man should live quietly for a month. No physical activity that is strenuous, no sexual intercourse for one month.

The healing is usually rapid and there is minimal discomfort associated with the reversal procedure. After six weeks, we do a sperm count, and then depending on that result, we follow the sperm count progression on a three monthly basis.

It can take in some men six to 12 months before sperm reappear in the ejaculate fluid.