The Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

Dr Phillip Katelaris is an award-winning and internationally respected urological surgeon. Here is a list of the 10 most common questions we are asked about him, along with the answers.

1. Do you perform vasectomy procedures?

Yes. Dr Katelaris has been performing minimally invasive vasectomies for 30 years, achieving excellent results. They only require a local anaesthetic and are essentially a walk in, walk out procedure. There is no pain and the patient is able to drive himself home, returning to work the following morning. It is very popular for busy working men.

Dr Katelaris also performs vasectomy reversals, known as a vasovasostomy. This is a slightly more complicated procedure, reconnecting the vas deferens to restore sperm ejaculation, but again Dr Katelaris has achieved excellent results.

Check out our Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal page to find out more.

2. Do you perform penile prosthetic surgery?

Yes. This is one of Dr Katelaris’ specialties and he is among Australia’s most experienced urological prosthetic surgeons. His efforts receive a very high rating of satisfaction from his patients and, perhaps more significantly, also from their partners.

Penile prosthetic surgery is one of the best ways to restore normal spontaneous sexual function, particularly if other methods of treating erectile dysfunction have not been effective.

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3. How long does a consultation take?

This depends on the patient and the treatment being sought. There is no set time limit. A thorough initial consultation is essential to gain a full patient history and undertake a proper assessment. Dr Katelaris takes great care to fully answer all questions a patient might have, ensuring that both they and their family understand everything that is being discussed.

4. What is the waiting list for appointments?

At Katelaris Urology, we pride ourselves on seeing patients as quickly as possible. This generally occurs within a week of the appointment, though we can see a patient within 24 hours if they are in pain or the matter is urgent.

We also work very hard to ensure appointments run to time, limiting the inconvenience to patients. You will generally be able to see Dr Katelaris within 15 minutes of the appointed time.
To make an appointment phone (02) 9477 7904, visit our contact pageor email [email protected].

5. How long has Dr Katelaris been in practice and what is his reputation?

Dr Katelaris is very experienced, having consulted in urology for 30 years. He attends the International American Urological Conference every year, staying up to date with all of the latest scientific research and medical innovations.

He is highly respected in the medical community and has received a number of prestigious awards, including the Noel Newton medal from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Keith Kirkland Prize from the Australian and New Zealand Urological Society.

Find out more about Dr Katelaris and his work.

6. Does Dr Katelaris operate in a public system?

Dr Katelaris does not attend public hospitals. However, Katelaris Urology has a well-equipped urological outpatients department with a minimal waiting time. This accommodates non-insured patients very comfortably.

7. Is there parking at all three Katelaris Urology locations?

Yes. At Hornsby and Castle Hill the parking is very convenient and spaces are normally available on site. At the St Leonards office, you can park in the public car park of North Shore Private Hospital.

8. What are the exact parking instructions?

At Hornsby, drive into the car park at the site by turning left from Palmerston Road.

At Castle Hill, drive into the undercover car park from Cecil Avenue.

At St Leonards, turn into Westbourne Avenue from the Pacific Highway and follow the signs to the public car park of North Shore Private Hospital.

Click here to see the exact location of each office.

9. Are vasectomies performed in private hospitals as well?

Yes. Some men are not able to have the vasectomy performed with a local anaesthetic, or else they choose to have the procedure carried out while they are under a general anaesthetic. This can easily be done. For these men, the procedure is carried out in the day surgery unit of the Sydney Adventist Hospital at Wahroonga.

10. Does the practice bulk bill?

No, but Dr Katelaris does have a generous discount fee structure for the benefit of age pensioners.

Before any appointment or procedure, you can clarify any fees with the office staff, while you will be given a quote for all elective diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the purposes of informed financial consent. We will also give you all the relevant information about the rebates you can claim from health funds and Medicare.