Things to know before considering Vasectomy

You might be considering whether to have a vasectomy as a means of birth control. The vasectomy procedure is quite simple and very safe, but before you make the decision to go ahead with it, there are some things you want to be informed about first. It’s always wise to understand the facts before proceeding with any type of medical procedure. 

Here are a few things you should know before undergoing a vasectomy. 

There is Nothing To Fear From a Vasectomy 

Any surgical procedure can feel a little daunting, especially one that involves the genital region. However, there is absolutely nothing to fear from having a vasectomy. The procedure is generally carried out by a urologist under local anesthesia. The area of the scrotum will be numbed directly, while the remainder of your body is unaffected. You won’t feel a thing as the procedure is performed. If needed, you can opt to receive some medications to reduce anxiety while the vasectomy takes place. 

A vasectomy is often colloquially referred to as “having the snip”, as it’s basically just a case of cutting the vas deferens so semen can no longer be passed through via an ejaculation. 

Recovery Time Is Very Fast 

Generally, there is very little pain or discomfort following a vasectomy. You can usually make a return to work within a few days, and start having sex again after a week. Normal exercise routines can also be returned to within a week. Any associated swelling or bruising due to the vasectomy will usually disappear within two weeks. 

A Vasectomy Doesn’t Hamper Your Sexual Performance or Enjoyment 

Something many men worry about is whether having a vasectomy will hamper their sexual performance, or reduce their enjoyment of sex. A vasectomy does neither. The only thing it achieves is stopping sperm from being delivered through ejaculation and preventing pregnancy. Everything else remains the same. Sex will be just as pleasurable as it’s ever been and your sexual performance will not be hampered by the procedure. 

Additionally, an ejaculation will still look and feel the same. The only difference being the absence of sperm. 

Keep in mind that complete sterilisation doesn’t happen immediately following a vasectomy procedure. Your sperm count will experience a gradual decrease. It can take several months to become sperm-free, so during that time, continue to practice other birth control methods to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. 

Are There Any Long Term Effects of Vasectomy? 

One of the most common and obvious questions regarding having a vasectomy is, are there any side effects of getting a vasectomy? 

Apart from some mild pain and discomfort for a few days following surgery, for the vast majority of men who choose to undergo this procedure every year, very few experience any noticeable side effects. Some abdominal pain after a vasectomy could be experienced in some cases, but this will subside fairly quickly. 

One possible side effect is known as vasectomy weight gain. Some men report gaining a little weight in the months following a vasectomy, but generally, their weight returns to its normal state after a while. The weight gain could be due to guys taking it easy after the procedure and not actively exercising as they did prior to the surgery. There’s no reason not to return to a normal and active routine a week after having a vasectomy. 

One long term side effect some men are concerned about is whether they’ll remain sterile for the rest of their lives, in the event they change their minds and do want to have more children in the future. 

So, let’s talk about vasectomy reversal. 

Can a Vasectomy Be Successfully Reversed? 

Vasectomy reversal surgery is a very real procedure, and successful in the majority of patients. It involves the reconnection of the vas deferens by a micro surgeon. The success rate of reversal depends on how long it’s been since the vasectomy took place, but a very high percentage of men do successfully become fertile again. 

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