Things to know about the vasectomy procedure  

A vasectomy is an operation that prevents sperm travelling from the testicles to the penis. You may be surprised to find out that some 10 000 men in Australia choose to undergo a vasectomy each year. That’s because it’s a safe and effective form of permanent birth control.  

Whilst it is thought to be a permanent birth control, in the case where a man would like to conceive, almost all vasectomies can be reversed. It must be noted that reversing this procedure does not guarantee one to be able to conceive a child. Additionally, the longer the time period from the procedure has passed the less likely the reversal will work. 

The surgery itself, known as no scalpel and no surgery, is minimally invasive, quick and relatively pain free. Here are some vasectomy procedure facts that might surprise you.  

It is a short and quick procedure 

A vasectomy should take no longer than 20 minutes including preparation and discharge. As a matter of fact, you can go straight home once you are done. Don’t forget you’ll need to rest of a couple of days afterwards! 

Anaesthetic will be administered 

For patient comfort, the procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic – meaning you will not feel anything during the procedure.

The vasectomy process  

The procedure itself is only 5-7 minutes. During this time, the doctor will:  

  1. Make a tiny nip in the skin of the scrotum 
  1. Extract the vas deferens (these are the tubes that carry sperm) 
  1. Seal them and put them back,  
  1. Close the nip.  

That’s it, nothing more to it. 

This no scalpel no stitches method that has been proven to reduce bleeding and lower the risk of infection, bruising, and other complications. 

It is quite painless 

See this short video Dr. Katelaris discusses the pain of a vasectomy.

A surgeon, like Dr. Katelaris, has performed many thousands of vasectomies and is experienced enough to conduct a vasectomy with the gentlest of handling. Hear Dr. Katelaris talk more about this topic here.  

Because local anaesthetic is used, you can drive yourself right home afterwards! 

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