[Video] Who is a suitable candidate for Robotic Prostatectomy?

Robotic Prostatectomy is an effective procedure in the treatment of Prostate cancer. However there may be cases in which robotic prostatectomy is not the suitable option for certain patients, Dr Katelaris discusses these circumstances and other options that are available in such instances.

In this short video, Dr Phillip Katelaris explains which candidates are suitable for Robotic Prostatectomy and the other options that are available.

Doctor Katelaris performs robotic prostatectomy and other prostate cancer treatments in the Urology Outpatient Clinic in Hornsby, if you would like to make an enquiry about getting a prostatectomy contact Katelaris Urology today.

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Not all men are suited to keyhole robotic surgery. Some men, for example, who have had major intra-abdominal surgery, for example, colon surgery, have a lot of abdominal adhesions. And it may not be safe to do this surgery with keyhole or robotic surgery.

In those men, I offer open radical prostatectomy, which is a highly effective operation that can also preserve bladder and sexual function.

With experience, the surgeon knows who is best suited to which surgical approach. I’ve been doing radical prostatectomies of one form or another for over 30 years. That gives me good judgment and the confidence to properly advise patients as individuals.