[Video] Are There Side Effects Of Botox Bladder Injections?

Dr Katelaris discusses possible side effects of Botox Bladder Injections. These can differ for every person that undergoes the procedure, however the procedure is known to be very safe with minimal side effects.

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Bladder Botox injection therapy is a very safe treatment. There is the possibility of a post-operative urinary tract infection, there may be a little blood in the urine.

These are short-term problems that are readily fixable.

A small number of people won’t respond to the Botox therapy and that’s disappointing and there needs to be appropriate counselling prior to the treatment so people understand that it’s not guaranteed in that sense.

But the majority do benefit. Very rarely urinary retention may develop in men or women.

In other words, they can’t pass urine at all after the bladder Botox injection therapy. The incidence of this happening is very low and is managed by the use of a urinary catheter.

It spontaneously resolves generally within three to four weeks.