Reasons you should get an annual urological exam

Urological exams are far from the top of the agenda for many men. It’s something of a taboo topic, for a start,  embarrassment can put many men off booking an appointment. There’s a lot of fear around what the urological examination procedure involves too.  
But the good news is that this is misplaced. A good urologist will put your fears at ease and examine you for a variety of health conditions that could become serious if left unchecked. And the taboo around male urology shouldn’t hold you back. On the contrary, it’s even more of a reason to ensure you don’t keep putting it off. Here are the main benefits of an annual urological exam  – even if you don’t have any symptoms: 
Detect major health conditions 
An annual urological exam can detect a whole range of health conditions relating to your urinary system, genitals and sex organs. Some of these include major cancers, such as prostate cancer. Other conditions that a urology exam can detect include kidney stones. 
Urological exams can also detect issues relating to hormone levels. If you’re suffering from low testosterone and its related effects a urologist may be able to help during your annual check-up. And if you’re struggling to conceive, it  a urologist can assess your fertility.  
It’s important to remember that serious urological health issues are not common, and most exams pass without serious problems being detected. But going to get a check-up is vital to ensure your health is protected. 
Prevention is better than cure 
The majority of urological exams don’t result in a problematic diagnosis of anything sinister, and it’s important to remember that if you’re feeling nervous. But urology exams really come into their own when it comes to prevention.  
An annual check-up can seriously mitigate the risks that you might develop a serious health problem, like cancer, in organs like your prostate or testicles. An annual exam can catch such medical issues early on, meaning that if you do eventually get diagnosed you have a fighting chance of survival.  
Address little problems 
An annual urology exam can help you deal with smaller-scale problems as well. If you experience minor pain or discomfort while urinating, for example, a urologist may be able to pinpoint the cause and offer you a solution.  
The same goes for a whole range of other problems, like an overactive bladder. If you’re experiencing any small-scale problems like these, it’s a good idea to write them down in advance so that you have a list to show the urologist at your appointment. That way, they can make sure they know what to look for.  
There’s nothing to worry about 
Finally, it’s important to not let embarrassment or worry get in the way of booking an appointment. Going for a urological exam is never going to be a pleasant or appealing process, but it’s not nearly as bad as it might seem. Your urologist is there to check your health, and won’t be judgemental or make you uncomfortable.  
It’s important to communicate your worries in advance. You may, for example, prefer to be treated by a male urologist. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to mention this when you book your appointment so that practice staff can accommodate your request. In addition, it’s also standard practice for urologists and staff in the urology department to take steps to protect your modesty. While it’s likely that you will be asked to remove your trousers and underwear, you’ll also receive a gown or towel to cover yourself when possible. 
Remember: no minor embarrassment or discomfort is worth putting your health at risk – so do ask your healthcare professional to put your mind at rest, and then get your appointment booked. 
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