Video: Do You Regret Getting a Penile Implant?

Our patient education series are videos for patients dealing with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) produced by Katelaris Urology and feature Dr Katelaris as well as patients who have experience prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

In this video, Davide Sandoe discusses whether in hindsight, getting a penile implant was the right decision for him and his partner. What would he have done differently?

This video features David Sandoe OAM and Pam Sandoe OAM, who survived prostate cancer surgery and decided to have a penile prosthesis to restore their Quality of Life as a couple.  David is a former National Chairman of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Pam Sandoe OAM is a former PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group Co-Leader at Sydney Adventist Hospital, this is their ED story.

Do you think you made the right decision in getting a penile implant?

David: In summary, I suppose you could say that our experience with erectile dysfunction was that, in hind sight we should’ve had the penile prosthesis a lot earlier.

Pam: Definitely.

David: Because we tried the oral medication, it was not good for us. We tried the penile injections and that had its short comings. While it worked, the vacuum device, as you say, that worked but it had its shortcomings as well. So I think we both agree that the penile prosthesis, given the benefit of hindsight, we should’ve got a lot earlier.

Pam: Yeah. I think it’s also important to understand that it’s a matter of getting the blood flowing into the penis too. So with all the options that we chose to partake of, it was all beneficial in the long run, but it was just with the vacuum device, the penis is what they call in the ‘hinge position’ because there’s just as much of the penis inside the body as there is out. So it sort of flaps around a bit so it needed more guidance to be placed in the vagina than now having the penile implant, which is just very natural and it’s warm.

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