Kidney Stones: How to Pass a Kidney Stone by Having Sex

Scientific researchers at a hospital in Turkey have recently found that sexual intercourse several times a week may provide an effective way to spontaneously pass kidney stones in male sufferers.

How Do Kidney Stones Form

Kidney stones occur when salts in the urine separate out and form into solid crystals, which may then block the flow of urine. They can also cause severe pain and lead to infection, although some people may have no symptoms. Causes include high calcium in the urine, certain medications, and some health conditions.

Kidney Stone Treatments

Very often, the stones will pass of their own accord, especially if they are small in size. Kidney stone treatments may include pain relief, Tamsulosin (Flomax) medication, endoscopic removal, shock-wave therapy ( shock-wave lithotripsy), or surgery for large stones or severe cases. Recurrence is quite common, although prevention can help reduce the risk. Preventive measures including reduction of dietary salt intake, maintaining good hydration, and getting prompt treatments for urinary tract infections.

How sex may help

The research, published in Renal & Urology News, was carried out on a sample of 90 men with distal ureteral stones of around the same size in all cases. The subjects were assigned to one of three groups. Group 1 was assigned to have sexual intercourse three to four times per week, while the other two groups were provided with Tamsulosin medication or standard medical therapies. 15 subjects were withdrawn from the study.

After two weeks, the results were measured and found to be significantly higher in Group 1 than in the other two groups, at nearly 84% compared to 48% and 35%. Stone expulsion, or passing a kidney stone, also happened much more quickly – at 10 days for Group 1 compared to 16.5 and 18 days for Groups 2 and 3 respectively. This study potentially showed a significant effect of sex in kidney stone expulsion.

Possible explanations

Researchers assert that this may be explained by the release of nitrous oxide (NO) that occurs during erection and sexual intercourse (NO has been shown in a number of other studies to cause relaxation of the ureteral muscle). The researchers concluded that for men with kidney stones of 6mm in size or smaller who have sexual partners, sexual intercourse at least three times per week may assist with the spontaneous passing of kidney stones.

If looking for solutions on how to pass a kidney stone, it may be more complicated than engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s certainly good news to discover that sex might help sufferers, but it is still very important that you seek professional advice. If you suspect you may have kidney stones, speak to a kidney stone specialist to discuss treatment options and management.