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  • PSA stands for prostate specific antigen – a protein produced by the male prostate gland which plays a role in nourishing the sperm. A PSA test is a blood test to determine if PSA levels in the blood are elevated – which may indicate prostate cancer or alternately another problem with the prostate gland.

    Prostate diseases

    While … Read More

  • The best and most effective long-term treatment for erectile dysfunction is to find the underlying cause of the problem, and treat that. This applies whether the cause is physical, psychological, emotional, or all of the above.

    In the majority of cases, the cause is physical and frequently relates to conditions that affect the blood vessels and … Read More

  • Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to attain an erection or to sustain one long enough for sexual intercourse. As you might imagine, this can seriously affect a sufferer’s self-esteem and interfere with his intimate relationships.

    Occasional erectile dysfunction is not something to worry about. If a man is tired from … Read More

  • Katelaris_1_Prostate

    Prostate cancer treatment may lead to urinary continence and / or erectile function problems in some patients. Good post-operative care and rehabilitation can help patients to manage these conditions, and greatly improve their quality of life.

    Prostate cancer treatments

    Prostate treatment is likely to differ from one patient to the next … Read More

  • Katelaris_Dec_1_Penis

    Believe it or not, scientists in North Carolina have managed to grow human penises in the lab, and may only be a few years away from testing them by transplanting them onto men.

    This could prove to be a very positive breakthrough for men suffering from penile congenital abnormalities, injury from trauma, damage from disease, or for those … Read More

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