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  • putingatawo

    Urinary incontinence is an issue that some sufferers may feel embarrassed about, but might be relieved to hear is more common than they realise. It is also usually very treatable – with treatments ranging from exercises, to various surgery options or medication, depending on the nature of the condition and its cause.

    Urinary incontinence … Read More

  • Katelaris_1_Sept_KidneyStones

    Kidney stones occur when salts in the urine form into solid crystals or ‘stones’. These stones can block the normal urine flow, and can be accompanied by severe pain. Kidney stones can also cause infection, and even kidney damage or failure in severe cases. There are several types of kidney stones, with the most common being what are … Read More

  • Man Recieving a CAT Scan for Prostate Cancer

    Since the prostate is one of the organs mostly involved in urinary and reproductive health issues among men, promoting awareness of prostate diseases is a significant step for prevention. Some prostate conditions, although benign and non-cancerous, may be potential risk factors of prostate cancer. At Katelaris Urology, we aim to help raise men’s … Read More

  • Medical X-Ray Scan - Prostate

    Prostate diseases have been known to be among the most pressing health problems in men, negatively affecting their overall quality of life. Prostatic cancer, for instance, is considered as the second leading cause of cancer deaths next to lung cancer, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. It accounts for 30% of diagnosed … Read More

  • Medical exam

    It’s no secret that rehabilitation and therapy helps patients return to their pre-surgery peak after an operation. Whether the surgery is to fuse a broken foot or remove a gallbladder, the recovery period is likely to include some lifestyle modifications to help adjust to physical changes.

    When surgery is required for treatment for prostate … Read More

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