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  • Citric acid is a component of ordinary lemons and limes, and may be beneficial for reducing the risk of kidney stones. It appears to do this by preventing calcium from binding to other substances that form stones, and by coating existing stones and preventing them from binding to each other and becoming larger. Citric acid may also help to break up existing stones. … Read More

  • A male vasectomy is considered to be a very simple and effective form of birth control for men, with partner pregnancy rates following a successful procedure being generally less than 0.2%. This is usually a day procedure that involves severing or clamping of the vas deferens – the tubes than carry the sperm from the testicles to the penis. … Read More

  • Further advances in imaging for the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer.

    The challenge of managing prostate cancer in the modern era is to risk stratify patients so that they are neither
    under nor over-treated. New imaging techniques now allow specific localization of prostate cancers facilitating targeted biopsy and appropriate treatments.

    Multiparametric MRI

    Multiparametric prostate MRI scanning has increased the diagnostic accuracy for the detection of prostate cancer. It
    has decreased the number of negative prostate biopsies and is rapidly developing as a reliable, non-invasive means of monitoring men on active surveillance programs for low risk prostate cancers.


    A 30 minute MRI evaluation of the prostate gland measures 4 separate tumour characteristics to detect significant lesions.

    … Read More

  • Did you know if you do Erectile Dysfunction can be an early indicator of heart disease? More than just an embarrassment, ED can be an early mark of heart disease or stroke.

    Dr Katelaris Chats to Tim Webster about Erectile dysfunction on 2UE Health Check, on why Men still are embarrassed to address the issue, treatment options and recovery.

    The doctor also talks about the Da Vinci robot technology that allows for minimally invasive surgery to remove the prostate gland.

    Hear the full interview below:

  • Medical exam

    A new US study done at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine has found that men who have had testicular cancer may be at a higher risk of prostate cancer.

    The rate of prostate cancer in men who had previously had testicular cancer was 12.6%, compared to 2.8% for those who had not. They were also five times more likely to develop … Read More

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