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Over 25 Year’s  Experience in Urological Practice and Surgery.

Expert Consultant Urologist in Sydney

Dr Katelaris is a respected member of the Australian and New Zealand Urological Association and the American Urological Association. He has been a director of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, the director of the prostate cancer division of the Institute of Magnetic Resonance Research and is the current director of the Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation Centre leading a multidisciplinary team aimed at restoring normal bladder and sexual function in men who have been treated with surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
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The Latest Urology Procedures Delivered by an Expert Urological Surgeon

Doctor Katelaris has a particular interest in bringing the latest technologies and innovations in urology into his clinical practice.

He has introduced the use of multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging with MRI guided prostate biopsy to improve accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis and has trained internationally in robotic surgery.

He regularly attends major international urological conferences to seek new ways to improve patient care.
This website introduces visitors to new technologies in the field of urology however it needs to be emphasised that technology should not be used for its own sake, but only where it genuinely improves clinical outcomes.

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